Comfort. Security. Reassurance. Fun. 


These are the four principles that Little Look-a-Like was founded on. Founder Lori Reader had a vision to heal the hurt and ease the sadness caused by separation anxiety across the world. Whether aiding the bond between mother and child, grandparents, estranged friends or those dearly departed, Lori believed that a Little Look-a-Like could be a symbol of love during dark times. Shortly after connecting with those in serious need of such personalized affected, the realization came about that these dolls were pretty fun, too! Children (and a fair share of adults) always took great joy during playtime with Little Look-a-Likes. The realization that these customized dolls could have such a positive impact across a wide spectrum served as inspiration for the growth of this business.


Formerly known as Lovable Look-a-Like, the custom doll creators known as Little Look-a-Like originated in central Florida. Lori, an active mother of four, first found inspiration while tucking in her children at night. It seemed that each child had an endless desire for comfort and security in the form of mom’s face and voice…shortly after this epiphany, Little Look-a-Like dolls were born. Immediately realizing the widespread demand and usefulness of her concept, she set out on a simple marketing campaign to local mothers and the dolls were a success. Shortly after, Little Look-a-Like found itself in the limelight when the hit investment show Shark Tank flew Lori out for a feature on the product. While it was too early for the business to have any real numbers on the books, the producers were enthralled and invited her back to appear on any future season.

That's our story.

No need to think twice…whoever it’s for, we’re confident they’ll love a Little Look-a-Like.

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