blonde girl custom photo doll little look a like

Be There. From Anywhere.

A Little Look-a-Like doll is basically a small piece of you. It’s totally customizable, with a real photo of your face, your voice, and even your sense of style. Share it with loved ones when they need you most, or let your kids’ imagination run wild with a miniature version of themselves. It’s personal, and a proven way to show that you care.

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1. Take Photo

Say “cheese!”

2. Record

10 seconds of personal vocals.

(Re-record at any time).

3. Share Yourself

Enjoy your Little Look-a-Like!

Perfect for…


Military, airline, or executive on the go? Be hugged while away from home!

Loving Parents

Soothe your child at school, daycare, or bedtime.

Extended Family

Grandparents, and everyone else in the family tree will be closer to their loved ones from afar.


Kids love playing with a miniature version of themselves. Or, our dolls make for one of the best gag gifts around!

Separated Spouses

Remind your child they are always loved, even if they call two places “home.”

Tough Times

Keep a lasting visual reminder and personal voice message from a loved one who is no longer with us.

Mom made.

Kid approved.

Our customers love us.

“Holding a doll with a familiar face is one way to relieve stress and promote comfort. When a child can tuck a soft-cotton doll with mommy’s or daddy’s face imprinted on it into a backpack, or hug it at nap time, the child is more likely to feel reassured by the sense of a parent or loved one.”


“I love my Look-a-Like doll  almost as much as I love my mommy!”


Age 6

“Little Look-a-Like dolls are a novel and creative solution to the age-old problem of separation anxiety.”



“I must tell you, my 9-year-old daughter loves this! I don’t think M has put it down for long except to change it into a skirt.”


Mother of 6

You've made it this know you need one!

Get a Little Look-a-Like for you, a friend, or the whole family!

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